Hi, I’m Kaitlin!

I’m a Mom of four young kids, married to their hard-working, hard-playing Dad.
I’m just a modern-day wanna-be-Laura Ingalls Wilder, constantly dreaming and scheming up what plants and ingredients I can work up into skincare products we’ll all love.

I love doing things the old fashioned way; simple and slow, making a lot with a little. Most of what I make is from four simple components: pressed oils, mango butter, beeswax, and herbs.

Uncomplicated as a breath of fresh air- from the process, to the materials. I make simple, herbal-infused skincare for avid label-readers.

I revel in the daily chaos of raising a band of boys and one sweet baby girl, balanced out by minimalism and whole lot of humor.

You can follow our daily journey on Instagram.

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If you have any questions or recommendations, please email me at contact@modernbotanicalcompany.com