Q: Are Modern Botanical Co.'s products really nut-free?

A: Absolutely, 100% nut-free. As an allergy mom, I know the difficulty of trying to find skincare products are truly nut-free, without coconut oil or shea butter. This was the driving force behind starting this line! All products are, and will be, nut-free.

Q: Why has my balm gone grainy?

A: Don't fret! Your balm is just fine. My products are 100% natural, with no stabilizers. Temperature fluctuations can cause the fats in the mango butter to turn grainy if they are melted, then cooled down at an inconsistent rate. Gently roll the balm between your fingers before applying to melt it back down to creamy goodness.


If you want reset the whole jar, melting the balm back down will bring it back to it's creamy self: Remove the lid and microwave it, starting with 30 seconds, followed by 10-second intervals, until it is a liquid. Take care to not overheat it, minding that the balm only needs to be heated to about body temperature for it to melt. Cover, and place in a cool place to set.

Store in a cool, dry location to avoid the fats from becoming grainy or "blooming" again.

Q: Are there essential oils in Modern Botanical Co.'s products?

A:  Essential oils are extremely concentrated extractions, taken (usually through steam distillation) from plants. Due to their potency, they need to be used with safety awareness and care. This means avoiding use on very young skin and sensitive areas, like the genitals and face. I want my products to be safe for everyone, and all skin. Herbal infusions are a safer, more gentle way to extract the plants' properties, so all my products begin with an oil infusion, and contain no essential oils!

Q: Do you use artificial fragrance, SLS, parabens, or other synthetic ingredients?

A: I believe in simple, pure skincare. All of my products are lightly scented simply by the plants that are infused in them. This makes for a lighter, more natural fragrance- free from harsh ingredients often found in fragrance products. I don't use any synthetic ingredients, because I would not use them on my own family. I even source food-safe ingredients whenever possible!

Q. But... what about preservatives? How do you keep Modern Botanical Co. products from going "bad"?

A: My products are made with shelf-stable, oil-based or dry ingredients, which require no preservation. They are best used within a year of purchase, but if properly cared for, they can last much longer.
To elongate their shelf life, it's recommended they are stored in a cool, dry place, and always use clean hands when using jarred balms.

Q:  I want to carry Modern Botanical Co.'s products in my store, how do I make a wholesale order?

A: I love wholesale orders! Please email me at contact@modernbotanicalcompany.com for all wholesale inquiries.