Good Clean Herbal Cleansing Oil
Good Clean Herbal Cleansing Oil
Good Clean Herbal Cleansing Oil

Good Clean Herbal Cleansing Oil

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Yarrow and lavender flower- both herbs with antiseptic and antibacterial properties- are infused in this special blend of oils. These oils gently cleanse skin, while leaving it soft and moisturized. Use as a daily facial cleanser for healthy, beautiful skin.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Gently rinse face with warm water. Squeeze a dime- size amount of oil cleanser on to your fingers, Massage oil on to face for one minute, Dampen a natural washcloth with hot water and lay over face for 10 seconds to open pores, Wipe face gently and thoroughly with cloth to remove all oil. Skin should feel soft and refreshed, and not at all oily. Follow up with one drop of oil to seal in moisture, if desired.

FREE OF: fragrance, dyes, top allergens, essential oils, and synthetic-anything

INGREDIENTS: grapeseed oil*, olive oil*, castor oil*, yarrow flower*, lavender flower* *organically sourced

Packaged in 2.5 fl oz container with easy-to-use pump top. Sold in BPA-free PET plastic bottle. Please reuse or recycle.

Due to the nature of my products, each batch may vary slightly in appearance.

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